Shipping Costs and Policies

Questions? Contact us at

We do not have a FAQ yet. However, there are two common questions we can help with.

Tracking codes / One of the most frequent questions we get is about tracking codes for shipments from the Brassland Store. The quick answer: we do not currently offer order tracking & all orders are handled by standard US Postal Service delivery methods. However, if you have a history of bad delivery at your address using standard mail & would like to pay extra for order tracking, please contact and we'll try to help.

Information on our artists / This includes lyrics, fan notes, questions about licensing, etc. These should NOT be sent to the email address. Instead use this Contact Form.

More details on what to expect from a standard Brassland Store order below.


Shipping & Handling: Costs are applied to your orders as follows.

United States:

  • $2 = flat rate for single CDs
  • $5 = flat rate for vinyl as well as heavily discounted CDs & smaller items

Canada & Mexico:

  • $7 = flat rate for orders under $15
  • $10 = flat rate for orders over $15

Rest of the World:

  • $6 = flat rate for small orders under $8
  • $7 = flat rate for mid-sized orders $8-$15
  • $15 = flat rate for orders over $15
  • $20 = flat rate for orders over $36

All costs are in US dollars. All orders are shipped first class except heavier US orders which are sent via Media Mail.


Shipping times for orders within the US: 
You can expect to get your order approximately 10-14 days after you place it on the shop. We process orders within 5 days. The post office will then take 3 – 7 business days to get the packages to you.

Shipping times for international orders
: You can expect to get your order approximately 3 weeks after you place it. We usually process orders within 5 days. The post office will then take 5-15 days to get the packages to you.

Delivery time is usually quicker for international orders in North America (Mexico, Canada). They can take longer for shipments to South America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Australia/NZ/Pacific Islands.


  • On pre-orders offered before release date, we'll try to ship out a week or two before release date so the music is in your mailbox before it is in stores.
  • Shipping times may be slower during rush periods — up to 4 weeks for US orders. "Rush periods" include any time we're selling limited edition products, and around holidays. We'll usually post a warning on  products effected by a rush.
  • This isn't so much an exception as a reminder that Brassland's office is staffed by a tiny number of real humans & our orders are packed with tender loving care by humans not robots. If there is a problem with your order, please be nice when you write to us! If you want a more automated experience, our website includes links to purchase most of our records via Amazon.

Countries we currently ship to (subject to change): We ship anywhere the postal service will deliver. We have happy customers as far away as Japan, South America, and frequently send packages to Australia and Asia.

Email if you are concerned we can't get you the Good Music. However if the US Postal Service ships to your country, we can probably get you stuff.

Returns & Exchanges: Brassland wants to know if the merchandise purchased from our store arrives at your address in damaged condition! We will "make it right" as they say in melodramatic TV shows where people seek revenge for evil misdeeds.

However, if you receive damaged stuff we do expect you to contact us within 30 days. You will also need to provide photographic proof of the damage. We recommend sending that photographic proof in your first email to us.

Shipping costs are never refundable.