HWY-036: Hoferlanz I by Lanz (cassette)



1. Karla's Retreat
2. The May Runner
3. Super Arrow
4. Summer Is Waiting (Plover)
5. It's All Been The Same
6. The Hurdlers
7. We Live In Warm Duvets
8. The Regional Migration (Snowbirds)


Recorded over a handful of months of sneaking in to studios and rehearsal spaces, impromptu hotel room sessions, and late night bathroom echo chambers, Ben Lanz collaged together this album in the spirit of the sound sculptures and tinkerers of Rock.

Cassette tape includes digital download code for the release.

Big thanks to: 
Mina Tindle for the vocals on "Its all Been The Same", 
James Mcalister for the drums on "We Live In Warm", 
Kyle Resnick for the trumpeting all over the record, 
Laurence Eaves and Griffin Rodriguez for recording it, 
Jon Low for mixing it, 
and Justin Anderson for the cover art. 
Without these folks and of course my very patient family, I would never have finished this project.

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