Merch: Posters (various artists)


Looking to pick up something else to support your favorite musicians? Look no further - we're selling posters from The National, Clogs, Buke and Gase and The 802 Tour while we still got 'em!

For $18 you get a half-dozen posters delivered in a handy tube. Five of the posters will be pictured; the sixth will be a surprise poster depending what is available in our warehouse. For $12 you get three posters of your choice. If you choose the "Any three posters" option and are looking for any posters in particular, please email with your requests after you have placed your order & received a confirmation message.

Here are the posters & some sample memories they might trigger:

THE NATIONAL: Crow poster // This poster is the oldest one of all, printed at the time of the release of The National's CD debut. Dimensions approx 16" x 23" delivered folded. Remember when popular indie rock webzines said listening to The National made a person yearn for a new Silver Jews album?

THE NATIONAL: Sad Songs poster // This poster was printed for Sad Songs's original release on LP in place of linear notes. It is an old warehouse find.  Dimensions approx 16" x 23" delivered folded.

BUKE AND GASE: General Dome poster // 13" x 19" of the invented alphabet the band invented for their General Dome album & tour cycle.

THE 802 TOUR: Nico Muhly, Doveman & Sam Amidon poster // Remember when Nico Muhly was the "next great composer" rather than just "a great composer"? Remember when Doveman hung out with normal mortals? Remember the time before Sam Amidon discovered he was the best singer of R. Kelly songs other than R. Kelly himself? Remember when you felt like an honorary Vermont resident?

CLOGS: Stick Music poster // Remember when Aphex Twin used to put out a lot of records & they were awesome? Remember when this Clogs disc kind of made you go "Geez this is so awesome it's like something only Aphex could come up with?" 

Note that some copies of Clogs' Stick Music posters are slightly frayed at the edges due to shipping all the way from France. Consider them antiques!

No longer do you need to scour the internet for traces of these bygone moments! Scrounge up a few dollars and one of these posters is yours. Scrounge up a few more (or get a friend in on the action) and you get one of each.

Bam! Home decorating. Done. Just like that! This item is better than a trip to IKEA and Target combined. 


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