Merch: Under The Sour Trees by Jherek Bischoff (CD version)


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A split CD featuring 8 songs by Jherek Bischoff, and 7 songs by his friend Richard Webb.

Both sides are lush instrumentals that are cinematic in nature. During live performances, they are accompanied by film work by Richard Webb and Sierra Stinson.
Jherek's tunes are full of lush orchestration featuring instruments such as the gitaron, ukulele and glockenspiel.
Richard's contribution is heavily influenced by western, Spanish and Balkan music.


SONGS: Tracks #1-7 by Richard Webb. Tracks #8-15 by Jherek Bischoff

  1. The Ruins
  2. Sour Trees
  3. Bavarian Clairvoyant
  4. Deadman's Waltz
  5. Leaving Almeria
  6. Oil Field Lullaby
  7. Horseman Outro
  8. 0:50.708
  9. 3:07.344
  10. 2:19.652
  11. 3:34.468
  12. 2:34.558
  13. 1:05.786
  14. 4:05.509
  15. 1:53.829

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