HWY-002: Thom's Night Out by Clogs



“Few new CDs in any genre will do as much to challenge the way you listen to music.”
- Andrew Ervin, Philadelphia City Paper

Clogs are a quartet of classical musicians hailing from Australia and the United States. Featuring viola, classical guitar, bassoon, and percussion, they scrawl the folk sounds of India and the Jewish Diaspora atop lessons learned from minimalism, ambient music, and rock. The New Yorker writes that, “fans of Sigur Rós, the Rachel’s, and other post-rock ensembles who know how to listen in respectful silence will have no trouble appreciating the softly evocative compositions.”

Released July 2001

If instant gratification is more your speed, you can listen to a track from the album right here:

1. Yeri Ali
2. Mysteries of Life
3. Thom’s Night Out
4. My Husband’s Village
5. I'm Very Sad
6. Four Blue Poles
7. Sadness and Obsession
8. Ukifune

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