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Own the first releases from The National — the self-titled debut, the critically acclaimed Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, and the Cherry Tree EP.

Package Includes:
The National (self-titled debut)
Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers
Cherry Tree

The National

“Originally from Ohio and now based in New York, The National has created nearly a dozen picture-perfect Americana bar-soaked gems with its debut album. From the opening notes of ‘Beautiful Head’, the delicate line between polished roots-oriented pop and alt-country has rarely been walked so deliberately with the payoff so favorable.” (No Depression)

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Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

“When Matt Berninger moans, ‘Let her treat you like a criminal, so you can treat her like a priest,’ at the outset of the National’s second album, Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, you just know these boys got it bad. Girl trouble, that is. Plunging into the desperate erotica of their Leonard Cohen-meets-Joy Division world, this Brooklyn quintet sounds both decadent and deprived when brooding about betrayal, lust, even their snappy new outerwear (‘Fashion Coat’). Violins swoon, bells toll, keyboards get shrouded in fog. The band patiently nurtures the tension beneath the surface, but when it pops — especially in the hurtling coda to ‘Available,’ the violent last verse of ‘Slipping Husband,’ the screaming-poltergeist guitars that twist their way through ‘Murder Me Rachael’ — the grief turns nasty.” (Rolling Stone)

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Cherry Tree

“A near perfect EP, both delicate and rugged — like a beaten and battered but very butch butterfly. Profoundly moving, but without any big emotional gestures, any trace of sentimentality. I expect great things from this band.” (, where it was voted #1 in Salon’s Top 10 Records of 2004 List)

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