HWY-006: High Heart and Low Estate by Baby Dayliner

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Brooklyn’s Baby Dayliner is upbeat and joyous, earnest and romantic, all at the same time. “Right smack in the depth of your soul you’ll find a core the purity of which is begging to start you from the front,” he sings. “Fun funny, it’s funny, a raid on your heart! Fun funny, it’s funny a raid on your soul!” Imagine these lyrics, sung in a melodic monotone and laid over a series of wooshing and plinging synths, trip-the-light-fantastic pianos, and catchy beats. What you’d have is a true 21st century entertainer, a new wave Frank Sinatra: Baby Dayliner.

If instant gratification is your cup of tea, you can listen to a track from the album right here:

1. Raid!
2. Hoodlums in the Hit Parade
3. Party Scenes
4. Madeline
5. Beat Downs
6. High Heart & Low Estate
7. Can’t Believe
8. Lullabies
9. Dead Ladies
10. I’ll Be Your Counterpart
11. Funeral Dirge
12. Shah With That

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