HWY-033 Function Falls EP by Buke and Gase (vinyl)


Buke & Gase are a band whose cult following has grown since the release of their Riposte album in 2010. This one-sided vinyl EP includes Function Falls (the four-song EP) as well as "Hiccup" (a preview of their forthcoming full-length for 2013). That's five (5) whole songs! Consider it a preview of the band's sonic evolution. This vinyl album includes download codes so you can acquire a copy of the record in MP3 format.
Order fast! This vinyl edition is extremely limited to 500 copies, most of which the band has been selling on tour. We have a very small quantity for sale in our webshop, and it is likely that these will never be re-pressed in this very special format. i.e. In the band's longstanding preference for handmade things over mass-manufactured things, they have lovingly hand-printed the covers, hand-stamped the vinyl labels, and assembled them in our office. Don't believe us. We have video to prove it.
Stream a track from the album here:
Or watch the video here:

Posters are currently sold out. For an extra $3 we're offering a "bundle" that includes a poster. Poster pictured below. Dimensions approx 12.5" x 18" delivered folded into quarters.

While the forthcoming full-length General Dome will continue to explore the band's contrasting musical dynamic of chaos and control and their ever increasing songwriting chops, the tracks on Function Falls are about form in its purest sense, and are perhaps best understood as a study in contrasting textures. The fourth track is a cover of "Blue Monday" by New Order, originally recorded for a special for the NPR program, Radiolab. "Hiccup" is just generally awesome.

  1. Misshaping Introduction
  2. Fussrate
  3. Tending the Talk
  4. Blue Monday
  5. Hiccup


"It's not hard to imagine a crowd marching behind singer Arone Dyer, punching the air as she calls...with her mobilizing, bodily cry?'" -- Pitchfork, Best New Track review

"Much like the band’s instruments, Buke & Gase’s follow-up to 2010′s Riposte was cobbled together after a spark of inspiration. While working on an upcoming full-length album, they were asked by Radiolab to record a cover song based on colors (they chose New Order’s 'Blue Monday') and the exercise inspired a burst of creative energy — and the new EP." -- WIRED
"The band’s new self-directed video, which they call 'a moving self-portrait' is just as jittery [as the track 'Misshaping Introduction']; it has the two members’ images floating and jumping through rooms like ghosts." -- Stereogum
Check out the video here:


Buke & Gase say...
"Started as an experiment in writing processes. Having been inspired by the remaking of New Order's Blue Monday for an episode of Radiolab and the ultimate decision to push back the release date of the album we'd just finished, we went back to work on music with the goal of creating a song per day in one week. We came out a bit short, but ended up with three songs we liked in time to release them on an EP in September.

"'Misshaping Introduction' was the first of these battles, and came about through improvisation with the musical equipment and computer. The vocals are largely improvised, resulting in a slight lyrical disintegration. However, after enlightening the end of the song with actual lyrics, it thusly turned out to be more of a dessert dish, such as a warm olive oil cake, topped with shaved 80% dark chocolate, candied pignolas, and a light dusting of sea salt. 

"'Fussrate' was a mixture of processes. The first part as improvised live performance, including some words from Arone's un-plagerized memoirs. The second process being the eventual dismantling/remantling of the entire tune in the computer, with extra instruments and sounds stacked on top of each other. Hinting at teenage rebellious potential, "Darling, don't you get snippy with me!" might be an alternate title.

"In 'Tending the Talk,' we set out to recreate an entire improvisation to the note. We had to cut it down, as it was quite long, but nothing was added to this song that wasn't already in the original improvisation. It's the purest of the three in that sense. Pure, as in the kind of spring water you wished you could be lightly sipping when you're taking a dip in Kaaterskill Falls, and as you plunge into the clearish water, you uncomfortably take a gush of it up your nose, come up for air, and involuntarily swallow it while attempting to laugh at your clumsy departure.

"'Blue Monday' is a remake for an episode of Radiolab. You can find this on their website as well. They've been very kind to us, and we thank them for that. Thank you to New Order for creating the music you did, when you did."

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