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As the first band signed to the label on the strength of an unsolicited demo, Devastations have a long history with Brassland. Since forming, they’ve shifted their home base from Melbourne to Berlin to London, established their “cultdom” (Q Magazine), worked in fits and spurts, been on and off hiatus, and created a reputation for themselves as the consummate musicians’ musicians.

Listen to a song from Devastations:

Songs on Devastations

1. He Wasn’t Like That When I Knew Him
2. Loene
3. Previous Crimes
4. Hold Me
5. Ausencia
6. You Can’t Reach Me Now
7. We Will Never Drink Again
8. Love Doesn’t End Like That
9. Under
10. Sleeping Dogs



From Mojo

by Manish Agarwal:

Sharply dressed Aussies who’ve relocated to Berlin and favour grown-up, vaguely gothic melodrama. The Devastations have enjoyed their share of Bad Seeds comparisons. Still, originality aside, this is a fine set of songs. Conrad Standish’s lovelorn croon is more Jarvis Cocker than Nick Cave – see Pulpy opener “Sex & Mayhem” – while the music’s faded lounge feel often recalls erstwhile tourmates The Tindersticks. “The Night I Couldn’t Stop Crying” underscores its premise with an electrifying melange of guitar and violin; rollicking single “Take You Home” finds a bittersweet humour in barfly lust (“I’m sorry for the things I have not done to you tonight”). The potential hit is “A Man of Fortune,” a string-swept duet with Kiwi chanteuse Bic Runga.


Listen to a song from Coal:

Songs on Coal

1. Sex and Mayhem
2. The Night I Couldn’t Stop Crying
3. I Don’t Want To Lose You Tonight
4. Coal
5. Terrified
6. Take You Home
7. Cormina
8. A Man Of Fortune
9. What’s A Place Like That Doing In A Girl Like You
10. Dance With Me

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