HWY-015: Coal by Devastations

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From Mojo by Manish Agarwal:

Sharply dressed Aussies who’ve relocated to Berlin and favour grown-up, vaguely gothic melodrama. The Devastations have enjoyed their share of Bad Seeds comparisons. Still, originality aside, this is a fine set of songs. Conrad Standish’s lovelorn croon is more Jarvis Cocker than Nick Cave – see Pulpy opener “Sex & Mayhem” – while the music’s faded lounge feel often recalls erstwhile tourmates The Tindersticks. “The Night I Couldn’t Stop Crying” underscores its premise with an electrifying melange of guitar and violin; rollicking single “Take You Home” finds a bittersweet humour in barfly lust (“I’m sorry for the things I have not done to you tonight”). The potential hit is “A Man of Fortune,” a string-swept duet with Kiwi chanteuse Bic Runga.

If instant gratification is more your speed, you can listen to a track from the album right here:

1. Sex and Mayhem
2. The Night I Couldn’t Stop Crying
3. I Don’t Want To Lose You Tonight
4. Coal
5. Terrified
6. Take You Home
7. Cormina
8. A Man Of Fortune
9. What’s A Place Like That Doing In A Girl Like You
10. Dance With Me

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