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Brooklyn’s Baby Dayliner is upbeat and joyous, earnest and romantic, all at the same time. “Right smack in the depth of your soul you’ll find a core the purity of which is begging to start you from the front,” he sings. “Fun funny, it’s funny, a raid on your heart! Fun funny, it’s funny a raid on your soul!” Imagine these lyrics, sung in a melodic monotone and laid over a series of wooshing and plinging synths, trip-the-light-fantastic pianos, and catchy beats. What you’d have is a true 21st century entertainer, a new wave Frank Sinatra: Baby Dayliner.

Listen to a song from High Heart and Low Estate:



Listen to a song from Critics Pass Away:

Critics Pass Away is Baby Dayliner’s sophomore album. Even more successfully than his debut, it fulfilled the promise of Baby Dayliner’s kaleidoscopic worldview, equally embracing sounds from pop, rock, dance, and hip-hop. Britain’s Uncutdescribed it as “a romo romp through a New York ghost world that is neither the drainpipe-and-denim sweatpit ofCBGBs nor the mirrorball glitz of Studio 54 but somewhere in between.”

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