Merch: The National slipmats for your turntable (includes download codes)


UPDATE: The National (s/t) slipmats are currently SOLD OUT. Order now while Cherry Tree and Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers slipmats are still available.

A few months back we were talking to The National's Scott Devendorf about some fun & unlikely new format ideas. 

"Hey how about slipmats?" said Scott. We thought it was a cool idea & now here we go!

Our old friends at the New York design studio Project Projects designed three unique turntable slipmats. Each design derives from the artwork of The National's three albums on Brassland — mostly extrapolations from the color palette, then given an optical illusion "twist."

These medium-weight, felt slipmats are suitable for all types of DJing (mixing & scratching). They also look great sitting there on your turntable of choice. And they look even cooler when they're in motion, as the turntable spin creates an optical illusion effect. (We'd throw around terms like "illusory motion" and "tessellated pattern" but it's easier to just say "it looks cool" so we're sticking with that.) Here's a simulation:

Each slipmat also comes with a download card for the album upon which the slipmat's design is based. You can redeem it for an MP3 or FLAC version of the record on Bandcamp.


Get all 3 slipmats for $30

Get 1 slipmat for $12

Get 1 slipmat with its associated vinyl record for $25

Each slipmat includes a download card for the associated album.

Note on quantities & the "limited edition": We made about 400 copies of each slipmat & plan to offer them alongside special vinyl editions of these albums in 2015. However, we are offering 80 copies right away to coincide with the holiday season.

Please note that we discourage the collector/reseller mentality. We'll try to prevent jacked-up prices on eBay. i.e. If these slipmats prove to be really popular, we will re-print them. We may use different colors/details on any reprints, but no guarantees.

Also note (1) you may not order more than 3x copies of any individual slipmat. Orders larger than that will be delayed. (2) The inventory management of our online store is imperfect. If any options appear to be "sold out," they may reappear later in the week as we re-sort inventory. Send inquiries to

Other fun stuff:

A reminder that we offer eight of The National's albums at this store not just the Brassland stuff. You may also want to check out Clogs which features The National's guitarist Bryce Dessner.

Here is a simulation of the Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers slipmat in motion.

Here is a simulation of the Cherry Tree slipmat in motion.


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