HWY-028: People Get Ready by People Get Ready (CD version)


People Get Ready is Steven Reker, Luke Fasano (ex-Yeasayer), James Rickman (ex-Lizzie Trulie, ex-Slow Gherkin), and Jen Goma (A Sunny Day in Glasgow). In 2006 Reker moved from Arizona to New York City, finding work as a dancer and guitarist on David Byrne's 2008-09 tour, as a composer in Yasuko Yokoshi's recent dance work, and as a choreographer for Miranda July's film The Future2009 marked the debut of People Get Ready in a performance at The Kitchen's Dance and Process series designed to pay homage to both sides of Steven's creativity. The band's distinct brand of vivid electronic pop bursts with energy, propelled by swirling and swelling harmonies, hard-to-shake melodies and high-energy rhythms set to a vocal ebb and flow led by Reker but harmonized and intensified by the entire band.

Their self-titled debut album was recorded by emerging composer/performer/producer Jherek Bischoff in the summer of 2011 at Denniston Hill, a 100+ year old farm house in upstate New York. The house was transformed into an artists' retreat by a group of friends from the East Village who forged their bonds during the 1990s -- and the space was re-transformed by Bischoff who trucked two suitcases of gear to this remote location, recording them across three rooms of the house, including a ceramic-tiled bathroom with some lovely natural acoustic properties.

If there's one quality that makes People Get Ready distinct it's their unique ability to re-define what a band is, to blur boundaries, and to forge continuing creative bonds with the formidable list of artists whose paths they've crossed.

If instant gratification is more your speed you can hear a track from the album right here:


Or watch a video here:

1. Windy Cindy
2. New June
3. Three Strangers
4. Orange Grove
5. Dark Candy
6. Shoe
7. Middle Name
8. Mr. Shoulders
9. Zelda Maria
10. a Squandering

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