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Get Clogs’ COMPLETE discography on compact disc for only $50. Note that copies of Lullaby for Sue and Stick Music are not in shrinkwrap, and that this offer does NOT include the band's digital-only EPs Veil Waltz, Last Song or The Sundown Song. Those EPs are only available at Bandcamp or other digital stores. 

Clogs are four musicians from the United States and Australia whose work traverses time and place and through which seemingly disparate influences are seamlessly drawn in. They compose and improvise using sounds and textures from across the musical spectrum – the immediacy of folk and rock music, twisted Americana, the complexity of modern composition.

Listen to a song from The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton:

The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton is Clogs’ highly anticipated fifth album. It’s a song-cycle composed by Padma Newsome for Clogs with extensive vocal work from Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond. Other guests include Sufjan Stevens, Aaron Dessner and Matt Berninger of The National, and the Osso String Quartet. The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton is Clogs’ first album of songs after four primarily instrumental releases.

Listen to a song from Lantern:

“Clogs, who cluster around guitarist Bryce Dessner and violinist/multi-instrumentalist Padma Newsome, would resent being referred to as The National’s artier spin-off project. Having met at Yale School of Music in the late ‘90s, they predate our Alligator favourites, and have released three previous albums of experimentation and minimalism. Simplistic reference points for their mesmerising use of repetition and polyphony would be Moondog or The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. But the “contemporary classical” tag doesn’t do justice to their cinematic, intense instrumental narratives: like Mogwai’s, they tend to build to within an inch of breaking point." (Uncut)

Listen to a song from Stick Music:

Clogs’ third album, Stick Music, is a tour-de-force concept album conceived by Newsome and Dessner. Simply put: It is a deep exploration of strings. They are bowed, struck, plucked, and treated as never before. The results are intimate, melodic, gorgeous. One moment they resonate like gentle raindrops, the next they’re woven into dizzying eddies of sound. The record includes performances by cello virtuoso Erik Friedlander.

Listen to a song from Lullaby For Sue:

“You say you know all about art, you just don’t know what you like? So try a night out to challenge your assumptions, such as this one here: The Aussie/American sort-of chamber quartet Clogs offer densely mellifluous and mesmerizing interweaves of viola and violin, guitar, bassoon and percussion in low-key, often vaguely ethnic-music-derived pieces whose meanderingly ghostly air is blessedly free of mere wispy whimsicality. Their very satisfying record on Brassland/Southern called Thom’s Night Out has received deserved raves worldwide, and there’s a new one, Lullaby for Sue, soon available.” (LA Weekly)

Listen to a song from Thom’s Night Out:

“The music handily eludes classification, but fans of Sigur Ros, the Rachel’s, and other post-rock ensembles who know how to listen in respectful silence to a live performance will have no trouble appreciating the softly evocative compositions.” (The New Yorker)


If you'd like a complete Clogs recorded history you should also check out the digital-only EPs Veil WaltzLast Song and The Sundown SongThese EPs are only available at Bandcamp or other digital stores. Each of them offer a reflective look at the ephemera, the tidbits of ideas that somehow manifest themselves after being tucked away for a time. They contain is loops, instrumental grooves, contrapuntal play, cinematic scenes, and hints of songs. They speak of curious circumstances and reminisces on fickle moments.  


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